Pool Service Text Notifications

Oh yeah! Text notifications...... The Captain has out done himself now!

If you are a client of Captain Clear Pool Service you can (optional) receive text notifications, and here is how it all works. The Captain and his mates use mobile technology and a unique system built specifically for Captain Clear Pool Service to help communicate with the Captain's clients. Captain Clear is the first and currently the only Pool Service company to offer this service.

In route to service:
When the Captain or one of his mates are in route to service your pool, you will receive a text message letting you know we are on our way!

Service is complete:
Once the Pool Service is complete, you will receive another text message letting you know that we have completed your pool service for that week or for that specific service call.

Special Texts:
Once you are a client of Captain Clear and you have opt-in for text notifications, you can send specific texts to our text notification number and receive the information you are looking for.

Send any of the following to 480-359-3986

LOGIN - This will send your captain clear login information back to you.
BILL - This will send your current balance.
LAST - This will send the information of your last service call.
NEXT - This will send the date of your next service call. Great for scheduled maintenance or repairs.
HELP - Get this list of what to send.

If you have any suggestions of text notifications that need to be sent, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve communication with our clients.

The Captain Clear Pool Service Team